Game rules

In the Topscorers app, users 1) compete against each other in a league by putting together the most competitive ice hockey team possible from current National League professionals with a set budget. In each league, each hockey player exists only once. Before a game day, each user puts together his team from the players available to him. The sum of the points collected in real time for each player results in the total number of points for his team per game day. The users play to win the regular season (qualifier) and the playoffs (champion).

Create a league
Create your own league and invite your friends against whom you want to play the season. In one league 1-14 users can play.

Multiple leagues
In the free version you can play in a maximum of 2 leagues at the same time. With Topscorers Member subscription (upgrade) you can create your teams in 6 leagues at the same time.

Game mode
At the beginning of your Topscorers season you will be assigned a 16-player team worth CHF 3 million. The line-up is automatically generated from these 16 players and can be customized. In addition, you will receive a budget of CHF 1 million to make transfers. On the transfer market you can buy new players or sell players from your squad. But be careful, you must not have a negative account balance before the start of the game, otherwise you will not get any points for the whole game day.

Mode Qualification vs. Playoffs
In the qualification (Regular Season) the game is always played with three blocks (15 field players + 1 goalkeeper). Each game day on which a game takes place counts, regardless of whether only one game takes place or a complete round is played. During the playoffs (incl. play-in series) only 1 block can be set up, at the same time the transfer market remains closed from the playoffs (incl. play-in series) on. You must play in the playoffs with the players you have on the last matchday of the qualifiers, or you cannot transfer any new players from the playoffs onwards (including play-in series).

Important: At the official start of the playoffs (Start of the first game of the play-in series) your current account balance must not be in the minus!

Playoff start & account balance
The playoffs start with the play-in series. Please note that the transfer market is closed after the playoffs (incl. play-in series) and you can only make one line until the end of the season (still 6 imports allowed). At the official start of the playoffs (start of the first game of the play-in series), your current account balance must not be in the red, otherwise there will be NO POINTS for the entire playoffs! In the playoffs (incl. play-in series) you can only field one line (6 players incl. goalie). The play-in series already count towards the playoff table.

Playouts and league qualification
For the playouts as well as the league qualification there are no points or the games are not taken into account.

Qualification table & Playoff table
There is a qualifier and a playoff winner (champion). The league ranking starts again at zero in the play-in series. That means, from the play-in series on, all managers start again with zero points. The play-in series are valid for the playoff table.

The victory bonus of the qualification winner
The qualification winner gets CHF 500'000 transfer money credited to his account.

Points distribution
Before a game day every user lines up a team from his squad, which should collect points for him. If the lined up players also play in reality, all relevant game actions, from the assist to the blocked shot to the goalie save, are analyzed and converted into points. For every point your lined up players receive on a game day, you will get CHF 50 credited to your account. The final distribution of points always takes place at the end of a game day (approx. 5h after the end of the game). Any later corrections will not be taken into account.

Live points
The game principle of Topscorers is based on real events in the National League. On each National League game day you get points for the game actions of your lined up hockey players. These refer to the statistically recorded (live) performance data of the National League.

+100 Goal (Goalkeeper)
+70 Goal (Defenceman)
+60 Goal (Forward)
+55 Assist (Goalkeeper)
+50 Assist (Defenceman)
+40 Assist (Forward)
+40 Shutout (Goalkeeper)
+20 Goal – Shorthanded
+20 Hattrick
+15 Game Won
+15 Penalty Winning Goal
+15 Game Winning Goal
+10 Shot Blocked
+10 Assist Shorthanded
+10 Goal Powerplay
+10 Shootout Won
+10 Zero Against
+5 Line-Up
+5 Shot On Goal
+5 Goal Penalty
+5 Goal Team
+5 Assist Powerplay
+5 Plus/Minus
+4 Save
+2 Face-Off Won
+1 Time Bonus (Goalie)
+1 Time On Ice
-2 Face-Off Lost
-5 Shot – Missed
-5 Shot – Goalpost
-5 Penalty – Missed
-5 Goal Against Team
-5 Plus/Minus
-10 Penalty – 2 Minutes
-10 Shootout Lost
-15 Goal Against
-15 Game Lost
-35 Foul Penalty Shot
-50 Penalty – 10 Minutes
-50 Game Misconduct penalty
-75 Penalty – 5 Minutes
-125 Match Penalty

Team line-up
Your squad can have a maximum of 26 players. You must also field 1 goalie, 6 defensemen and 9 forwards. You can only use 6 import players, who claim a foreigner license in reality, on a matchday. You should always have 16 players, because for each unoccupied position you will be deducted 50 points.

Puck drop time
The official puck drop time of a match is valid. Once the game has started, you cannot adjust your lineup. Every match day counts and is important for your overall ranking.

Account balance
At the official start of a matchday (start of the first game) your current account balance must not be in the minus, otherwise you will not receive any points for this matchday. Also, your lineup must be complete at the start of the game. For each position that is unoccupied at the start of the match day, 50 points will be deducted. Your account balance may not be more than 33% of your team's value in the negative between matchdays.

Transfer market
On the transfer market you can buy new players or sell players from your squad. There will always be 14 National League players, who are not yet in a team of your competitors, available on the transfer market with the current market value (may vary). The players on the transfer market vary daily.

If several users bid on the same player, the user with the highest bid will get the player. Bids that are below the market value of the player will be rejected by the transfer market. Bids are placed face down. You cannot see if and how high other users bid on a player. If two users bid the same amount for a player, the bid that was placed first counts.

Each auction of a player has a fixed expiration time. You can find this time under the player's picture. When the time runs out, the player will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in the league. If no user bids for the player, he will stay on the transfer market.

If you place one of your players on the transfer market, you will automatically receive an offer from the transfer market. Of course, your competitors can also make you an offer. You choose which offer you want to accept. On the transfer market, you will see not only the players offered by the transfer market, but also players that have been placed on the transfer market by your competitors. Also your players, which you put on the transfer market and don't get an offer, will run out of time and will be removed from the transfer market automatically.

More players are available on the transfer market between qualification and the playoffs (incl. play-in series) than during the season. The transfer market remains closed during the playoffs (incl. play-in series). Your account balance must not be in the red, otherwise you will not receive any points for the entire playoffs.

Who wins?
At the end of the qualification as well as at the end of the playoffs, the user with the most points wins. The winner of the qualification will receive a transfer bonus of CHF 500,000, while the winner of the playoffs will be awarded with the champion's trophy.

Live data
All statistics and results of the Topscorers app are based on the National League data with all official National League players and teams of the current season. For the calculation of the points 42 statistical values of the National League are used, which are collected live during the games. The data is provided by the National League AG.

1) For better readability, only the masculine form is used. They refers to persons of both genders.